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If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, enjoy this full day tour to Colonia del Sacramento. This city, founded by the Portuguese, was coveted and disputed for a century. In 1995 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, so its old town was restored to delight visitors. Its cobbled streets, its peace, its museums, history and elegance make it a must to visit.

On the tour we will visit the Granja Arenas farm-museum, then, once in Colonia, we will visit the historic district with its Citadel gate, the famous Calle de Los Suspiros, the lighthouse, the church known as “Basílica del Santísimo Sacramento” and the old bullring. Book your spot and return with your gallery full of beautiful photographs!

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Duration: 10 hours.

Departure: 9 AM from Montevideo.

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The Bus Route

Colonia del Sacramento

Departing from Montevideo you will learn about its rural area, the fields and industries of the Department of San Jose until arriving in the Department of Colonia, which is distinctive because of its long-standing milk production that was originally driven by Swiss, German and Italian immigrants among others.

1st Stop

Arenas Farm and Museum

You will then visit the farm and museum that houses the Guinness World Record holder’s collection of pencils accomplished by the owner of the best-known jam and cheese factory in the area. In addition to learning about the collections and history of Don Emilio Arenas, you’ll enjoy the  products by tasting  the classic cheese, the different flavors of the home-made jams and marmalades and our distinctive “dulce de leche.”

2nd Stop

Country Gate

Entering the Old Town through the Country Gate, more familiarly known as “Porton del Campo” you will find historical remains of a 17th century fort that was used  during the fighting among the Portuguese and Spaniards who alternated governing the colony. You’ll walk along narrow   and cobbled  streets where squares, museums, and ateliers of recognized artists and artisans are found.

3rd Stop

Sigh Street

Portuguese and Spanish houses align this street where pink and yellow colours prevail. The beauty of this street and its surroundings arouses romance, but not all the different versions of the meanings of its name.

4th Stop

The Lighthouse

The traditional Lighthouse was built on the  ruins of the San Francisco Xavier Convent in the mid-nineteenth century. It flashed during the night to warn the sailors they were getting close to the colony. You’ll be thrilled by the view of the Plaza Mayor and all the buildings from the old times which have  been turned into museums.

5th Stop

The Blessed Sacrament Basilica

The most important Catholic  Church in the city is located next to the Plaza de Armas and it has been there since 1810. The Spanish architect Toribio gave it its current architectural features but the stones in the entrance reveal that the original style was Portuguese. In earlier times we could  find the Blessed Sacrament in its façade but today it stands out on the major altar.

6th Stop

Real de San Carlos  and seaside

Beautiful seaside resorts are situated on the coast of the Plata river being the pioneer of the area known as “Real de San Carlos”. To get there you will travel along the extensive seafront and you’ll get to know the history of the visionary Nicolás Mihanovich, who created a magnificent bullring; an elegant hotel and casino, a Basque-ball court, a horseracing track and a small train station.