Punta del Este – Departure from Montevideo

Punta del Este – Departure from Montevideo

Full day tour to get to know Punta del Este and more ...

You cannot pass through Uruguay without knowing one of the most important spas in South America and preferred by tourists from all over the world. Punta del Este awaits you with its Rio and Mar coasts and its urban wealth. On the tour we will visit Piriápolis, with its panoramic Rambla de los Argentinos, Punta Ballena with the famous ¨Casapueblo¨ and Punta del Este with its Mansa and Brava beaches, the main neighborhoods, the center and port of the peninsula.

Approximate duration: 10 hours.

Departure: 9 AM from Montevideo.

Days and hours: Tuesday to Sunday (subject to availability)

Price: USD 40 per person.


Stop 1 Piriapolis

Founded by the mystic and visionary businessman Francisco Piria. From the foot of Cerro San Antonio stretches a beautiful beach bordered by the Rambla de los Argentinos, where you can see its port and the legendary ¨Argentino Hotel¨ from 1930, the last and most emblematic work, created by the founder of the Spa.

Stop 2 Punta Ballena

10 minutes from Punta del Este is Punta Ballena, where the exceptional work called Casapueblo stands, built without straight lines, for several decades by the Uruguayan plastic artist, Carlos Páez Vilaró. It was his residence, his atelier and currently his museum works.

Entrance NOT included (tickets can be purchased at the entrance)

Stop 3 Punta del Este - Mansa Beach and Barrios

We will enter the Rambla Mansa where we will see the silhouette of buildings that border the peninsula, and then visit the different neighborhoods, among which the famous Beverly Hills stands out with its colorful residences.

Stop 4 Punta del Este - Barra de Maldonado

Place famous for its nightlife in the summer where the undulating bridges that cross the Arroyo Maldonado with its mouth in the Atlantic Ocean stand out. Unique in style, the bridges of La Barra are a classic postcard of Punta del Este.

Stop 5 Punta del Este - Brava Beach - Downtown

We will travel along the Rambla Brava until we reach its main beach where ¨La Mano¨, a symbolic sculpture of Punta Del Este, created by the Chilean artist Mario Irarrazabal, is located. A few meters away Gorlero is born, the most famous commercial avenue of the resort, with its diverse gastronomic and artisan offer.

Stop 6 Punta del Este - The Peninsula

It is the oldest area of ​​Punta, with its Lighthouse and the picturesque Iglesia de la Candelaria. A few blocks away we find the port where sailboats of different sizes can be seen, as well as the fishermen who carry out their daily tasks. We also find ¨Punta Salinas¨, a place where the Río de La Plata meets the Atlantic Ocean and from where you can see Isla de Lobos, one of the largest sea lion reserves on the continent.


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