Punta del Este - Salida desde Montevideo

Punta del Este – Departure from Montevideo

Full day tour to get to know Punta del Este and more ...

You cannot go through Uruguay without knowing the most important seaside resort in South America! Punta del Este awaits you with its spectacular beaches, its urban wealth, its non-stop entertainment and all the luxury, glamor and refinement of the world jet-set. Get to know this wonderful city by hiring the guided tour of Montevideocitytour.com. On the tour we will visit Piriápolis, including an ascent to Cerro San Antonio, Punta Ballena visiting Casapueblo, Brava and Mansa beaches, the main neighborhoods and the downtown, among others. Prepare a hat, water, book your spot and enjoy!

Duration: 10 hours

Departure: 9 AM from Montevideo.

Tour disponible a partir del 1 de noviembre de 2021.


The bus route Punta del Este

Beautiful full-day tour to get to know one of the four most important seaside resorts in the world: Punta del Este. In this trip we will visit Piriapolis and drive up San Antonio hill, we will see Punta Ballena and Casapueblo, the Brava and Mansa beaches in the peninsula of Punta del Este and much more.

Stop 1 Carrasco

Departing toward the east of the country is the neighbourhood of Carrasco that boasts a historical seaside resort with its Normans chalets and the imposing hotel Casino Carrasco built in 1921 and recently remodelled to be part of the garden district.

Stop 2 Piriápolis

A city founded by the mystical and visionary entrepreneur Francisco Piria. From the bottom of San Antonio hill extends a beautiful beach lined by the seafront named “Rambla de los Argentinos” with hotels full of history, such as the “Gran Argentino” Hotel or the Colón Hotel, and many symbols left behind by its creator to those who would know to interpret them.

Stop 3 Punta Ballena and Casa Pueblo

In Punta Ballena, Carlos Páez Vilaro, an exceptional Uruguayan artist built his own house over a 50-year-period. This peculiar house, called Casapueblo, was built with his own hands and with the help of fishermen from the area. Today, this irregular and whimsical white mass that overlooks the ocean is the home of the artist, an atelier and museum. Something not to miss!.

Stop 4 Punta del Este neighbourghs

Among pine forests and eucalyptus, you’ll find the residential neighbourhoods of Punta del Este: Pinares, Las Delicias, San Rafael, Rincón del Indio and the striking Beverly Hills with its Californian style all located in an environment of peace and safety. Historic and modern five-star hotels will impress you with their English style and canopies giving them the same design you can see in cities like Las Vegas.

Stop 5 Downtown

It was a Chilean sculptor who gave form to the world’s most famous hand or fingers, the sculpture’s actual name. It stands as a symbol of the interaction of man and nature. Gorlero Avenue invites you to discover the local charms and handicrafts. Artigas square, with its characteristic palm trees, only a few steps from the seafront area and port called “Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria”. In the oldest part of the city rises a church with the same name across from the weather station and the lighthouse.

Stop 6 La Barra

There is no bridge as fun as the one that takes us to this picturesque town, Leonel Viera Bridge. La Barra de Maldonado is known for its busy nightlife but during the day it sits as a picturesque town created by fishermen and those who love the wilderness and laid-back life. We find cabins with thatched roofs, fishermen on the Maldonado waterway, surfers in the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean, all in the same place.


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