City Tour Montevideo Privado

City Tour Montevideo Privado

Te proponemos conocer lo más destacado de Montevideo en 3 horas con un vehículo y un guía exclusivos para vos.

If you are passing through Montevideo or if you want to make the most of your stay, this is the best option for you. We offer you a city tour visiting the most outstanding places in this city, our experienced tour guides will not only make you live a precious moment but will also provide you with information about Montevideo’s culture and history. During the tour we will visit Plaza Independencia, the Old City, El Prado, the Legislative Palace, Tres Cruces, the Batlle Park and the Rambla of Montevideo. See the complete itinerary, make your reservation and dedicate yourself to enjoying!

Duration: 3.30 hours.
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The bus route Discover and enjoy Montevideo

Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, is a beautiful city that faces the Plata River. Its landscaped neighbourhoods, rich architectural heritage, and beautiful seafront known as “La Rambla” make this city one of the most beautiful and visited in South America.

Stop 1 Independence Square

Here you will find the monument erected to honour General Jose Artigas. It is sculpted in bronze by Angel Zanelli and his remains lie in the mausoleum built under the monument. You will also find other interesting buildings such as Salvo Palace, the Estévez Palace (the old government house) and The Executive Tower building, the current headquarters of the Executive Branch. The well-known Gate of the Citadel is one of most prominent points of the city.

Stop 2 The Old City

Constitution Square is an array of the Matrix church, headquarters of the Metropolitan Cathedral. In the center of the square there is the Carrara marble fountain inaugurated in 1871 along with the first drinking water system. The old Town House, named “El Cabildo” is another reference point in the old city. The Port Market is a fine example of the local gastronomy and you will be delighted with the food choices.

Stop 3 El Prado Neighbourhood and The Parliament House

The Prado was a park and seating area for the aristocratic families of Montevideo. Bordering the Miguelete waterway we arrive at the Charruas monument, a memorial to an aboriginal family that was taken to Paris and put on exhibition. The Parliament house, named Legislative Palace, is a colossal work decorated with details unique to Uruguay. It took 17 years to build and it was inaugurated to commemorate the centenary of the independence of the country.

Stop 4 Tres Cruces and Batlle Park

Tres Cruces is a very important hub of the city, which houses various monuments and important public and private institutions. Among them is the Obelisk, erected as a tribute to the members of the Constituent Assembly in 1830. The Centenario stadium is a world football icon; inaugurated in 1930 for the first World Cup when Uruguay emerged the winner. It is also home to an interesting themed museum.

Stop 5 Montevideo Seafront (La Rambla)

A few minutes from the city center, Punta Gorda shows the elegance and beauty of an area of magnificent residences and manicured gardens. You will ride along the United Nations seafront, an overall length of 18 kilometers, where you will be dazzled by the white sandy beaches and beautiful water for swimming. You will end your tour in the spectacular Montevideo Shopping Centre.


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