Tourism in Uruguay
Tourism in Uruguay

Why choose Uruguay as the next destination?

It will undoubtedly be a unique experience. At every step, in every corner, you will find reasons to stay and enjoy nature and the kindness of its inhabitants. You will be tempted by its exquisite gastronomy and good wines, the excellent level of its hotels and the refined air of its history.

Visiting Uruguay is to mix between the rhythms of the candombe, murga and tango, it is also the place where the past and the present of its architectural wealth coexist, it is to breathe the marine air of the River Plate and the Atlantic Ocean from the top of the hills.

It is a country of simple and happy people, mate as a symbol of friendship and meetings and laughter around the grill.

Think…what will your next vacation be like? You can choose busy, inexpensive, simple, adventurous, luxurious, rural, oceanic, or green; but in any of the variants you will find the sympathy of the Uruguayans.

From Montevideo, its capital, to Punta del Este, the "top" spa in America, passing through Colonia del Sacramento, the thermal centers and the mountain range, you will always find a helping hand, a landscape worthy of the best photography, and a moment the only one that will make your vacation become the best of your life.

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