5 essential places if you travel to Montevideo

5 essential places if you travel to Montevideo
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Do you want to know which are the 5 essential places if you travel to Montevideo? Here we will provide you with all the information so that you can enjoy the main tourist spots: the Old City, the center, the Rmbla de Pocitos, the Legislative Palace and the Centennial Stadium.

I have a few days in Montevideo. Where do I begin?

Ciudad vieja

The Old City is the historic center of Montevideo. There you can walk through the old pedestrian Sarandí and enjoy Plaza Independencia, the most important in the city. On this site, the monument and mausoleum of Uruguay's main hero: Gervasio Artigas stand out. On one side, you can see the magnificent Palacio Salvo, on the other the Presidency building and a few meters away, the great Solís Theater, inaugurated in 1865. At this point you can also admire the emblematic Puerta de la Ciudadela, which served in the colonial times as a link between the fort and the city.
A unas pocas cuadras también puedes visitar la Plaza Matriz o Constitución, donde se concentraban las instituciones más importantes: El Cabildo y la Catedral Metropolitana. Un plus para tu paseo es almorzar nuestras comidas típicas en el Mercado del Puerto, situado frente al Puerto de Montevideo.
¡Recorrer esta zona de la ciudad, repleta de historias, es muy interesante, sobre todo si puedes hacerlo con un guía experimentado! 

El Centro de la ciudad

Among the 5 essential places if you travel to Montevideo is also the city center, which runs along Avenida 18 de Julio. Walking it you can glimpse historical architecture, public squares and shops. At the beginning, in Plaza Independencia, you find the Palacio Salvo, then the Rinaldi Palace, the Lapido Palace, the Díaz Palace and the Palma Building, among many other Art Deco style buildings. a photograph in the famous Fuente de los Candados, next to the monument to the iconic musician of La Plata tango, Carlos Gardel.
Walking through the 18th of July for the 1st time is an amazing experience!


La Rambla and Pocitos beach

One of the most beautiful places in Montevideo is, without a doubt, the Rambla República del Perú de Pocitos, located in front of the majestic Río de la Plata. On one side you can see the tall and luxurious buildings and, on the other, one of the most beautiful beaches in the city. Currently, it is one of the main recommended sites for all kinds of water and land sports. Also, this promenade is one of the favorite walks of many Montevideo families who go daily to enjoy the "sea", as the Uruguayans call the waters of the river because of the small waves that hit the sand.
The sun, sand and the "sea" are also waiting for you to enjoy them!

Legislative Palace

The Palace of the Legislature is one of the icons of Montevideo for its admirable symbolism and neoclassical architectural style, which represent the democratic values of the nation. The building was inaugurated in 1925 in celebration of the Centennial of the Declaration of Independence. Both on the outside and inside, it houses sculptures, reliefs and works of art that coexist with the precincts for sessions of deputies and senators, separated by the majestic room called “Hall of Lost Steps”. Built under strong Greek inspiration, one of its most striking features are the twenty-four caryatids, each almost four meters high. It was declared a National Historical Heritage in 1975. There you cannot miss the guided tours, which will allow you to know the details of this magnificent construction. When you come to Montevideo, you cannot miss such an imposing building.

Centenario Stadium

Soccer is the great passion of Uruguayans and you can see and feel it at the Centenario Stadium, built in 1930 for the first Soccer World Cup. Within the same sports center, you can visit the Football Museum, a must for lovers of this sport. This stadium is the one with the largest capacity in Uruguay and one of the 15 largest in America. For this reason, in 1983 it was declared by FIFA as a World Historical Monument. It is a relic that you cannot miss.

You can visit these sites in a few hours with our City Tour Montevideo . And if you still have time, other places you can visit are: the El Prado neighborhood, the Rodó park, Punta Carretas, the World Trade Center, the Japanese Garden, among many other attractions that Montevideo offers to those who visit it.